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Khulna Division News

Make sure you read these terms of usage carefully before you commence to use the internet site.
By simply using our site, an individual indicates that you acknowledge these terms of work and that you accept and abide by them.
When you do not accept these terms of work with, please refrain from applying to our site.

Data Security

Khulna Division News cannot ensure or perhaps warrant the security or perhaps privacy of any details you transmit to all of us.
We try to follow procedures and procedures that may protect against unauthorized entry to your Personally Identifiable Data.
But we can help make no guarantees or pledges in this regard, and also you provide information to see your own risk.

Identifiable Information:

You could contact with us with khulnadivisionnews@gmail.com if with any time you might like to begin to see the In person Identifiable Information we maintain about you,
or to be able to ask us to perfect or update these details, or even to ask us to be able to delete it.
Please call us if you have inquiries or want to take any kind of action regarding information to be able to which this Online level of privacy policy applies.


When you have any questions about this particular Online privacy policy, make sure you contact us via

e-mail: khulnadivisionnews@gmail.com

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